2016 SHCI Sesh #1 PHOTO BLOG...1st 2 Weeks!

First scrubs...EVER!

students holding their first pair of scrubs

Happy Sweet 16 Alma!!!

Students celebrating with ice cream 16th birthday

Crucial Conversations Training...skills to navigate conversations with high emotion.

Picture students crucial conversations trainingCrucial Conversations...tools for talking...how to make it safe to talk about anything.

Three students having a conversation

Emergency medical services Intro! THANK YOU SRJC PARAMEDIC ACADEMY!

Group of students in front of ambulances with paramedic

group female students performing CPR to a dummy

jorge vieto, Glide Memorial Clinic Staff, introduces Harm Reduction outreach to high-risk populations..."Remember, value people above your ideals for them."


students sitting listening to a presentation

Serving Glide Memorial's homeless dinner.

Healthcare. Service, service, service! From the heart.

students in a cafeteria preparing food

Medical Ethics module at the beach!

beneficence. Non-maleficence. Autonomy. Justice.

Group of students sitting on the beach with golden gate bridge in background dressed in scrubs

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers. Certified and ready!

group of students performing CPR on a dummy

infant cpr! 

group of students each holding dummy babies for CPR

Ambu Bags! We got this!

Students holding ambu bags over dummies