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Sun, 02/08/2015 - 12:23pm

The Uncomfortable and Enchanting...

Healthcare work is a lifetime of an almost perfect mix of discomfort and enchantment. Your invitation to explore is here!

Recently, friends leant me their Yosemite cabin for a long weekend. I’m always a YES to a nature adventure. I packed my backpack, best hardback book, fav trail snacks and headed off to the famed granite and Sierra park legend!

The weekend turned out to be more majestic than I imagined! Yosemite was at her Fall’s end and Winter’s beginning. The park was still stained with fall rainbow colors…reds, oranges, yellows, and those forest greens. From treetops to trail floors, unbelievable colors!

I was hiking to the Upper Falls when Yosemite’s first snowstorm of the season hit. The 3D landscape drenched in kind snowflakes! Soaking wet, freezing…I was unprepared. The unpredictable nature was both uncomfortable and enchanting all at the same time.

My experience as a nurse reminds me of the mystery of nature. When I enter the hospital, I have a mix of excited anticipation and slight discomfort, knowing I’m walking into the unpredictable. Sharing patients’ lives alongside admirable colleagues is one of the greatest gifts life has brought me. Hospital work holds an invitation to know others intimately and to be intimately known. With that gift comes consistent discovery of the unpredictable. I find it captivating, rewarding, and a consistent challenge of some sort of uncomfortable. 

After the snowstorm, the roads had changed. Born and raised in sunny terrain, I find snowed roads to be nothing short of FRIGHTENING. We’re talking rocky, mountainous, roads at high elevations…AND NOW ICE! The next day, I debated not leaving the cabin. Those roads. Is it safe?!

But no way was I missing out on a snowy adventure! I just needed to make it less dangerous. That day, I read through my car manual (for the first time EVER) and took mental notes on how to drive in the snow. I checked off my list of car precautions and hit the road with cautious confidence. Nature’s miracles and mysteries were waiting for me. Every windy turn was a new discovery of another beautiful moment. How could I even think of missing out on THIS?!

I compare my nature adventure to my healthcare work. There are many intimidating, uncomfortable scenarios in healthcare. We just need to make them less dangerous. Education is one way to make things less dangerous. Through these programs, there are many things I invite and advise my students to do. New things. Good things. Unknown things. Opportunities that take some preparation, caution, curiosity, confidence. Beautiful things. Mysterious things.

I invite you to an almost perfect mix of discomfort and enchantment. Join us.